Rovilus’ products cater to a wide range of customer applications, ranging from construction and material handling vehicles, recreational and urban mobility applications, commercial fleets, and stationary storage systems. 


Construction & Material Handling Vehicles


Construction and material handling equipment (such as forklifts, pallet trucks, AGVs and utility vehicles) have high-power requirements that may not be fully met with on-market battery packs. Rovilus’ power packs are specifically designed to meet their high-C rate requirements, while providing 16 hours continuous operating time (for most applications) and fast-charging benefit. With the enhancement of lifetime, the total costs of ownership is also significantly reduced.


Urban Mobility

Passenger vehicles (i.e. scooters, four-wheeled vehicles and other light electric vehicles) and commercial vehicles (i.e. buses and fleets) that operate in urban environments have safety, costs and lifetime issues. Rovilus’ thermal management solution is able to suppress fire propagation and ensure product safety even under extreme weather conditions (in cold and tropical environments).


Energy Storage Systems

Rovilus’ battery solution and thermal management system has been used in energy storage systems to provide long-lasting, stable, and reliable source of power. Our products have also been used for energy storage systems with high C-rate requirements or exposed to environmental elements that may be damaging to the performance of the batteries.


Recreational Vehicles & Aerial Application


Rovilus’ battery solution provides recreational vehicles and aerial UAVs / drones with a safer, compact and much more efficient Li-Ion power solution. Our power packs are able to fit within a tailored chassis shape without customizing our solution.