Rovilus’ All-Round High-Performance battery packs are highly customizable and address our customers’ needs in a wide variety of applications.


15-Minute Fast Charging

With Rovilus’ fast charging technology integrated into the battery packs, vehicle operators are able to enjoy fast charging of 15 minutes with 80% State of Charge (SoC). With opportunity intermediate fast-charging, 
vehicle owners are able to operate multi shifts with minimal downtime.

More Cost-Effective Solution

Rovilus’ battery packs provide a more cost-effective solution by lowering the total cost of ownership of up to 55% for most applications in the long run. Rovilus’ All-Round High-Performance battery packs require little to no maintenance, last significantly longer than market-leading lead-acid battery packs, and eliminate the need for complex charging infrastructures.

Up to 16 Hours of
Continuous Operation

Rovilus’ battery packs support up to 2 8-hour shifts in most applications on a single charge, enhancing operational efficiency for vehicle operators by ridding the need to change batteries or charge vehicles during a shift. Coupled with Rovilus’ fast-charging technology, 
vehicle operators are ensured of constant uptime with significant improvement in operational efficiency.

Superior Power Output

With maximum continuous power of 6C discharge and peak power output of up to 13C discharge, Rovilus’ solutions provide high instantaneous power output, loading and towing capacity, without compromising on the operating time and lifetime of the battery packs.

Thermal Runaway

Rovilus’ fire-suppression thermal management system prevents thermal runaway and ensures safety for vehicle operators. Multi-level safety systems consisting of automotive-grade cell and battery level fuses, coupled with Smart Battery Management Systems, are also integrated into Rovilus’ battery packs to prevent any potential battery failure.

Market-Leading Lifetime of

4,000 Cycles

With a market-leading lifetime of 4,000 cycles under normal battery operation for most applications, Rovilus’ battery packs last at least 2 times longer than conventional LFP battery packs and 8 times longer than lead-acid battery packs. This enables vehicle owners to use one single battery pack for the full lifetime of the vehicle, without having to change battery packs during a vehicle’s life span.




Rovilus’ innovative thermal management system makes use of active and passive cooling methods to ensure safety, longevity and high performance of Rovilus’ battery pack solutions.

Be it snow automobile or desert vehicle, Rovilus’ battery packs are able to operate at 100% efficiency and power under extreme climates, without compromising on lifetime and operating time of the vehicles.



Rovilus’ thermal management system consists of fire-suppression phase-change material, which enhances the safety and reliability of battery packs under normal and extreme operating conditions.



Rovilus’ Smart Battery Management System monitors the status of battery packs and provides safety system cut-off. The distributed hierarchy structure is designed to cater to low – high voltage applications, including an 800V battery pack. The Battery Management System can be adjusted and customized according to customers’ requests to enhance operational efficiency for customers’ specific needs.


About Rovilus

Driven by the mission to power the world with cleaner energy, Rovilus’ team dedicates themselves to develop safer and more reliable technology to power the world’s vehicles. Armed with a team of experts with global experience in mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, Rovilus provides its clients with all-round solutions to address their specific needs in any vehicular application.

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