Thermal Material

Rovilus’ proprietary thermal material can effectively resolve heat issues and provide fire-suppressing benefit for applications that have safety concerns, operates in a non-explosive environment and/or extreme weather conditions. 


Rovilus’ thermal material is a phase-change material that melts as it absorbs heat and solidifies as it cools. It is also dielectric and has high thermal conductivity to dissipate heat faster and more efficiently than conventional solutions. Our customers have been using our proprietary battery thermal management solution in tropical as well as cold climates. 


Allows operation in -40 to 60 degrees Celsius

In cold and tropical climates, batteries are not able to operate properly due to stresses caused by the environment. Rovilus’ proprietary thermal management solution enables our customers to adopt electric solution and operates at optimal efficiency regardless of climate conditions. 

Lifetime extension and Safety

Temperature differences among battery cells cause unbalanced discharging and aging. A greater temperature difference results in a larger capacity loss of the pack. Rovilus’ thermal management system ensures even temperature at the cell level and extends lifetime even under high power usage. 

High power usage

High power usage (such as fast charging or high power output) is demanding to the batteries and poses significant stresses during normal operation. 

Second Life-Application

Rovilus’ thermal material has been incorporated into second-life application and shown tremendous benefit in stabilizing the battery’s performance, provide safety benefit and extends the lifetime and usage of the second-life battery to cover more challenging operating conditions. 

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