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Thermal Management Solution

Rovilus’ thermal management solution overcomes key technical barriers in battery overheating problem, while providing increased efficiency, performance and safety for the battery operators. 

Rovilus’ thermal management solution is used in high-power applications to enhance safety and performance of the vehicles and energy storage systems, especially under extreme climate conditions. 

Over Heating Problem

Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems due to the high energy density and long cycle life. The performance and lifetime of lithium-ion batteries are very sensitive to increase in temperature, which could result in overheating. Rovilus’ thermal management system addresses this problem by regulating the increase in temperature that would lead to cell degradation, reduction in lifetime, safety issues and potential thermal runaway. 

Working Principles

Rovilus uses active and passive cooling methods to resolve the over-heating problem. Our standard battery modules are integrated with our patent-pending thermal management solution, which consists of a proprietary phase change material and liquid tubing design that regulates the temperature increase in the battery modules. 


The passive cooling system consists of Rovilus' proprietary thermal material, which is wrapped around each battery cell to absorb heat generated from the cells during operation. Heat is taken away from the material through the active cooling system via the cooling pipes.  

Rovilus' proprietary thermal management system ensures even temperature distribution within the battery module, while allowing the battery cells to operate at its optimal temperature range, thereby decreases the rate of cell degradation significantly. The material also prevents fire propagation effectively and allows the batteries to operate under high C-rate. 

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